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Boric acid

Chemical formula: H3BO3

CAS 10043-35-3

Description and application:

  • in the industry in the production of enamels, special-purpose glasses, fiberglass, fiberglass and fiberglass, cements, etc.
  • in the production of detergents and cosmetics, flame retardants,
  • as a disinfectant and preservative, corrosion inhibitor, reagent in photography, as a microfertilizer,
  • in the production of other boron-containing compounds,
  • in laboratory practice, Boric acid is used to prepare buffer systems,
  • in medicine, Boric acid is used as an antiseptic (antimicrobial) agent for rinsing and washing, is used in the manufacture of ointments, pastes, powders, boric alcohol, is part of contraceptives.