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Citric acid monohydrate, food additive E330

Chemical formula: H3C6H5O7. H2O

CAS № 5949-29-1

Chemical name (synonyms): Е338

Description and application:

Orthophosphoric acid is widely used for various purposes:

  • 2-hydroxy-1,2,3-propanetricarboxylate acid,
  • 3-hydroxy-3-carboxypentyl,
  • food additive E330.

Description and application:

Citric acid is used:

  • as a food additive in the flavoring agent in food products;
  • in the production of cosmetics (lotions, shampoos, elixirs, etc.);
  • in pharmacology;
  • in the production of detergents;
  • as well as in the construction industry;
  • as an additive to cement.