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CAS 141-43-5

Chemical formula HO-CH2CH2-NH2 (C2H7NO)

Chemical name (synonyms):

  • 2-aminoethanol,
  • colamine,
  • 2-hydroxyethylamine

Description and application:

Aqueous solutions of ethanolamine have an alkaline reaction and well absorb acidic gases (carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, as well as gaseous and volatile thiols). When the solution is heated, the absorbed gases are released, and the regenerated solution is re-directed for absorption. Due to its reversibility, ethanolamine solutions are widely used as an absorbent in various gas purification processes (for example, the removal of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and thiols in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries) and for gas separation (in particular, the absorption of carbon dioxide from a gas mixture in the production of hydrogen by methane conversion).

It is used in hair coloring products as a substitute for ammonia solution.

Ethanolamine is also the starting material in the industrial synthesis of taurine.