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Oxyethylidene diphosphonic acid (HEDP)

Chemical Formula: С3Н12NO9P3

Номер CAS 6419-19-8

Производитель: Китай

Внешний вид: Прозрачный, бесцветный или бледно-желтый водный раствор


  • OEDF acid,
  • OEDPK,
  • HEDP,
  • etidronic acid,
  • 1-hydroxyethane-1,1-diphosphonic acid

Description and application:

Hydroxyethylenediphosphonic acid or OEDPK — is a colorless crystals. OEDP acid belongs to the class of diphosphonic acids, which have a high complexing ability and resistance to hydrolysis. OEDF acid is highly soluble in water, acids, alkalis, methanol and ethanol.

OEDF acid is used:

  • as an inhibitor of salt deposition in the oil industry;
  • as a salt deposition inhibitor for hot water systems with open water intake;
  • as a complexing reagent in the chemical and textile industries;
  • for the control of plant diseases in agriculture;
  • as a complexing reagent, an inhibitor of salt deposition in water-circulation cooling systems of industrial enterprises and thermal power plants, in closed heat supply systems, in hot water supply systems, as well as as a reagent for washing salt deposition at various industrial facilities;
  • in the process of bleaching all types of cellulose at the chelation stage in the pulp and paper industry.