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Phosphonobutyric acid (PBTCA)

Chemical formula: C7H11O9P

CAS number 37971-36-1

Manufacturer: China

Appearance: Clear, colorless or pale yellow aqueous solution

Chemical name (synonyms):

  • Phosphonobutane-1,2,4-Tricarboxylic Acid
  • 2-Фосфоно-1,2,4-бутан трикарбоновая кислота

Description and application:

Stabilizes the zinc salt. It is soluble in strongly acidic and alkaline medium. It is stable at high temperatures and in the presence of oxidizing agents, including chlorine.

It is widely used in circulating water cooling systems and oilfield water filling systems.

Suitable for use in conditions of high temperatures, high water hardness, high alkali content and high concentration index.

It is used in the production of detergents.