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Contract manufacturing


For 11 years of presence on the market of detergents, we have accumulated invaluable experience in their production. To date, our product range includes more than 100 units of various products. We use only high quality raw materials from trusted and trusted suppliers. We offer full-cycle production, which allows us to produce products ready for sale: from recipe development to packaging and product certification. Our team of technologists is constantly working on the release of new detergents that meet the latest market demands. More than 1500 sq. m. warehouse premises serve as a place for storage, packaging and logistics of products. Warehouses fully comply with the requirements for high-quality preservation of raw materials. Contract manufacturing is a convenient way to release products under your own brand. Competition in the detergent market is growing, requirements are increasing, equipment is becoming more expensive. Renting a production facility, training personnel, purchasing equipment and raw materials are very costly and not always profitable. Therefore, it is more profitable to make your products from an independent manufacturer, using its capacities and capabilities. You save your money and time, and your products get to market quickly.


Obtaining a technical assignment – you describe in detail what product you want to receive, its properties, abilities, appearance, price segment, and we select the right composition for you.

Test samples – according to your technical assignment, we prepare test samples in laboratory conditions and provide you for testing.

Formulation approval – after testing, we confirm the composition and prepare a technological map.

Certification – if necessary, we will help in the preparation of documents for obtaining a certificate of state registration, protocols or a declaration of conformity.

Purchase of raw materials and labels – we cooperate with reliable manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials and packaging, so we can take over the purchase function of these items. We also work according to the scheme of give-and-take raw materials, when you transfer all the necessary components and packaging to us.

Production and release – we agree on the production time and volume, and we start to create products under YOUR brand.

Storage – the finished product is stored in our warehouse, where the optimal temperature regime is maintained, after completing all the documents, you pick up the finished product yourself. Throughout the shelf life of the product, we store pre-selected arbitration samples of each batch.


1. Household detergents:

– Liquid soap

– Dishwashing liquid

– Floor cleaners

– Disinfectants for cleaning the house

– Liquid fabric softener

– Liquid dish rinse

2. Antiseptic for hands and skin.

3. Means for pretreatment of metal.

4. Car shampoos.

5. Detergents and disinfectants for food industry.

6. Detergents and disinfectants for livestock complexes.


1. “Exclusive” You come to us with a ready-made recipe and documents. We provide you with our manufacturing capabilities, as well as the ability to develop products similar to competitors or completely new. We receive raw materials for production from you on a give-and-take basis, and it is also possible to provide you with raw materials from our raw material base. In case you want to receive a product strictly according to your recipe and in accordance with your marketing ideas, we undertake a written commitment to maintain exclusivity.

2. “Turnkey” We have a ready-made base of standard recipes for a wide range of detergents. And our experts will help you refine these recipes and form an assortment of your products, taking into account the needs of the modern market. In production, we use raw materials from our raw material base. Within the stipulated time frame, you will receive a product under your own trademark, either one or a whole line. During the entire development process, our professionals work with you – technologists and account managers.


Before starting work, we conclude a contract manufacturing agreement with you. We describe in detail the terms and conditions of cooperation. Works that are discussed during negotiations before signing a contract manufacturing agreement: – Purchase of raw materials; – Product manufacturing; – Purchase of packaging; – Delivery to the customer; – Storage of raw materials and packaging for the production of the following consignments of goods; – Product certification. Thus, you can choose for yourself, for example, turnkey production, when all organizational issues will be our responsibility (the most convenient option for the customer). Or, if you already have raw materials or packaging, a raw materials contract – in this case, you transfer the material to us to create products. In any case, within the framework of contract manufacturing, we will definitely find the optimal form of cooperation.


After sending the products, our interaction with you does not end. Any possible problems: adjusting the production process, increasing the range of products, changing it, we solve together. After all, the success of the customer and contract manufacturing is primarily the result of teamwork. That is why the manufacturer and the customer quickly exchange information, ideas and suggestions.