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Decide® Agro Acid

DeCiDe® Agro Acid

Hygiene of the milking equipment strongly acidic non-foaming cleanser

Scope of application:
It is used for automatic washing of milking equipment and milk tanks on livestock and dairy farms. It is effective for removing deposits of water hardness salts and lime deposits.

Acid detergent based on a combination of nitric and phosphoric acids, effectively removes mineral and lime deposits, milk and beer stone, traces of rust, is used on surfaces resistant to nitric acid in closed systems.

Product Description:

Ingredients Impact
Organic ingredients Soften the water
Non-ionic detergents Lower the surface tension
Nitric acid Dissolves inorganic deposits and prevents their formation
Phosphoric acid Softens water and prevents the formation of deposits

pH of the working solution approx. 1,7 (strongly acidic agent)

Technological equipment:
Washing of the milking machine and the milk tank:
1. Rinse the equipment with water at a temperature of +30ºc;
2. Circulate the Decide Agro Acid working solution in the machine for 10 minutes..20 minutes at a temperature of + 60 ° C .. + 75 ° C;
3. Final flushing with water.

1.20 — 1.22 g / cm³

0,3-0,5 %

Package size/code:
24 kg-canister 250 kg-barrel

Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from substances that react with acids.

Detergents are biologically degradable. The packaging is suitable for secondary use. Empty washed containers can be destroyed by incineration.

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