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Decide® Eclipse CL

DeCiDe® Eclipse CL

Surface cleaning foam detergent and disinfectant with chlorine.

Scope of application:
It is used for external processing of technological equipment at enterprises of poultry processing, meat processing, fish processing, dairy industry and livestock farms.

The foam of the washing solution perfectly breaks down fat and protein impurities, washes dyes and burns, has a disinfecting effect due to the action of active chlorine.

Product Description:

Ingredients Impact
Anionic detergents Separates the dirt
Non-ionic detergents Separates dirt and breaks down fats
Phosphonates Soften water and increase washing efficiency
Silicates Increase the effectiveness of washing
Sodium Hydroxide Separates dirt and breaks down fat
Sodium hypochlorite (active chlorine) Disinfects and increases the effectiveness of washing
Anti-corrosion agent Protects metal parts from corrosion

pH of the working solution approx. 11.7-12.2 (highly alkaline agent)

Foam treatment:
1. The surface is rinsed with water at a temperature of + 20°C .. + 40°c;
2. The cleaning solution in the form of foam is applied to the surface at a temperature of + 20°C .. + 30°c;
3. The foam is kept on the surface 10..20 minutes
4. The separated dirt and foam is washed off with water + 20°c .. + 60°c

Of 1.16-1.18 g/cm³

Dairy industry: 1-2 %
Poultry processing industry: 2-5 %
Meat processing industry: 2-5 %

Package size/code:
22 kg-canister 225 kg-barrel

Store in a cool place, tightly closed in the original packaging. Keep away from freezing. Protect from sunlight.

Detergents are biologically degradable. The packaging is suitable for secondary use. Empty, washed containers can be destroyed by incineration.

Country of origin: