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Decide® Premium Foam

DeCiDe® Premium Foam

Surface cleaning Highly alkaline foam cleaner for smoker stoves

Scope of application:
It is used for manual and automatic washing of smoking stoves in the poultry processing, meat processing and fish processing industries. It can be used to remove stubborn dirt from surfaces that are resistant to highly alkaline effects.

The foam of the washing solution perfectly breaks down burnt fat, protein, removes the remnants of tar and soot.

Product Description:

Ingredients Impact
Polycarboxylates Destroy dirt
Phosphates Soften the water
Non-ionic Detergents and foaming agents
Anionic Decompose dirt and break down fats
Sodium hydroxide  Separates dirt and breaks down fats

pH of the working solution approx. 12.5 (highly alkaline agent)


Technological equipment:
1. Cover the equipment that does not tolerate processing with foam (electronic parts, etc.).
2. Thoroughly wash off the remaining organic contaminants from the surface to be treated.
3. Apply a foam containing 3-5% of the working solution of the preparation to the treated surface at a temperature of + 30°C .. + 50°C. Soak the foam on the surface for 10 .. 20 minutes. Do not allow the foam to dry. For the application of foam, it is recommended to use a low-and medium-pressure foam treatment system.
4. It is necessary to thoroughly wash off the separated dirt and foam with running water at a temperature of + 20°C .. + 60°C.
5. Make sure that there are no drug residues on the surfaces in contact with food.

The Smoking camera:
The detergent solution of the drug is sprayed or applied in the form of foam to the surface. The exposure time is 10 .. 40 minutes. During the washing process, it is necessary to ensure air circulation at a temperature of + 80°C .. + 90°C. After washing, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse with water. For automatic washing, it is recommended to use the manufacturer’s washing program.

1.09-1.20 g / cm3

3 – 5 %

Package size/code:
21 kg-canister

210 kg-barrel

Store tightly closed in the original packaging. Keep away from freezing.

Detergents are biologically degradable. The packaging is suitable for secondary use. Empty, washed containers can be destroyed by incineration.

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