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About the company

DeCiDe® is a multi-profile company whose key areas are:

The history of the company’s existence began in 2015, with the creation of its own production of detergents and disinfectants for the food industry under the DeCiDe ® brand.

In the process of developing formulations for the DeCiDe ® line of detergents, we have tested and verified a huge number of samples of chemical raw materials from well-known world manufacturers. Over the years, we have significantly expanded the scope of our activities. We have signed contracts with leading manufacturers of raw chemicals from China, India, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, etc. All this gave a start in 2017 to a new direction of development of the company DeCiDe ® , as a supplier of raw chemicals.

Since in the modern world of competition, it is extremely important for any manufacturer to have a good reputation, by ensuring the quality of their final products, all raw materials supplied by us for you are thoroughly tested in our laboratories, which allows you to maintain a reputation as a reliable manufacturer in the face of your customers.

In addition to the existing range, we are constantly striving to expand the list of raw materials supplied. Our employees can quickly select and supply high-quality chemical raw materials for the needs of your company at favorable prices according to your requirements. We take a responsible approach to fulfilling our obligations, regardless of whether it is a one-time order or a supply of raw materials under a long-term contract. The presence of warm contacts with proven manufacturers of chemical products, the quality of which is time-tested, as well an established logistics chain, helps us to choose only high-quality products for you at the best prices in the shortest possible time.

We are ready to provide you with qualified assistance in developing new recipes for your production. Also, our specialists will be able to help you in the selection of alternative raw materials, in order to optimize existing recipes in your production.

In the face of our company, you will find a reliable supplier and partner who is ready to provide your company with only high-quality raw materials at optimal prices.