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Decide® Alko KN

DeCiDe® Alko KN

Recirculating treatment highly alkaline non-polluting detergent

Scope of application:
For recirculating washing of pipelines and containers at the enterprises of the dairy and beer-and-alcohol industry. For automatic non-polluted washing of smoking stoves at the enterprises of the meat-processing, poultry-processing and fish-processing industries. For soaking parts of the process equipment.

It is effective for removing various types of dirt. Detergents effectively emulsify fat and protein impurities. A low-foaming detergent, whose strong alkalis decompose the contamination into water-soluble substances. Complexing agents effectively bind water hardness salts. It is not recommended to use for processing aluminum or painted surfaces.

Product Description:

Ingredients Impact
Phosphonates Soften the water
Non-ionic detergents Separate dirt and lower the surface tension of water
Polycarboxylates Destroy dirt
Sodium Hydroxide Separates dirt and breaks down fat
Potassium hydroxide Separates dirt and breaks down fats

pH of the working solution approx. 13 (highly alkaline agent)

Automatic cleaning of pipelines and containers:
It is used in accordance with the instructions for the equipment.
Automatic washing of smoking stoves:
It is used in accordance with the existing washing program.

Of 1.51-1.53 g/cm3

Recirculating washing of pipelines 1,0-2,0%
Automatic washing of smoking stoves 2.0-4.0%
Washing of surfaces under a pressure of 0.5-1.0%
Soaking 0.5%

Package size/code:
29 kg-canister
290 kg-barrel

Store tightly closed in the original packaging. Keep away from freezing.

The ingredients are biodegradable. The packaging is suitable for secondary use. Empty, washed containers can be destroyed by incineration.

Country of origin: