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Decide® Agro

DeCiDe® Agro

Hygiene of milking equipment highly alkaline non-polluting detergent and disinfectant with chlorine

Scope of application:
It is used for automatic washing of milking equipment and milk tanks on livestock and dairy farms. It is effective for removing fat and protein impurities.

Highly alkaline liquid of yellowish color, effectively removes impurities of protein and fat origin. It contains chlorine compounds that decompose protein and destroy microorganisms. The contained complexing agents prevent the deposition of hardness salts and milk stone.

Product Description:

Ingredients Impact
Phosphonates Soften the water
Non-ionic detergents Separate dirt and lower surface tension
Sodium hypochlorite (active chlorine) Forms hypochloric acid, which destroys microbes
Sodium Hydroxide Decomposes dirt and breaks down fats

pH of the working solution approx. To 12.5 (alkaline product)

Washing of the milking machine and the milk tank:
1. Rinse the equipment with water at a temperature of +30ºc;
2. Circulate the Decide Agro working solution in the machine for 10 minutes..20 minutes at a temperature of + 60 ° C .. + 75 ° C;
3. Final flushing with water.

1.18-1.22 g/cm³

0,3–0,5 %

Package size/code:
24 kg-canister 250 kg-barrel 1200 kg-container

Store tightly closed in a cool place in original packaging. Protect from freezing.

The ingredients are biodegradable. The packaging is recyclable. Empty, washed containers can be destroyed by incineration.

Country of origin: